Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Progress Tacurong City

As I'm giving my contribution to post for promoting my beloved Tacurong. I was born and raised here for 29 years. I had witnessed how my city progress. Before some roads were not yet fixed but now almost where you go it is cemented. Before we experienced flooding wherein the water level rose up and went inside our house. It was a devastating moment because  4 sacks of our rice were damage. It was a disaster. We accepted that as an accident. We move on. Then I noticed every time there's strong typhoon coming, the water level would not even reach our gate. I realize the City Government of Tacurong is giving their best to prevent that incident to happen again. Thank goodness our government is making a move to serve its people.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sun is Rise

I'm making a habit to wake up early in the morning. One thing that excite me most is to go outside and feel the sun hit my face. Recently, I received a message from Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat page inviting bloggers to post in promoting the place for the upcoming Foundation Anniversary on September 18. As a blogger I will make my share. I took that photo using my cellphone a few weeks ago it captures the beautiful rising of the sun where you enjoy each moment you were standing there, witnessing how grateful I am to be in that positioned. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I messed up big time

Just last week my friends and I went to Surigao, del Sur to have good time with each other after a long separation. In the last day, we went window shopping, share laughter and eating together. When we decided to go home it's past 3 p.m. We reach van terminal at around 4 p.m. due to traffic because it was rush hour. There's a van available. We place our belongings and all of a sudden there's a a commotion going on. My friend doesn't want to put the baggage of other passenger in the middle of their seats because she's uncomfortable. The driver was mad, so he told us to leave and transfer to the next van. As a friend, I went with them. We waited for the van to full with 12 passengers on it. We leave Davao City at around 6 p.m. While on the road the driver drives so fast in my estimate it reach 100 kph. We almost got into accident because our driver overtake to the 10 wheeler truck and there's a strange man who happen to pass on the other lane. According to one of the passenger he had save by his guardian angel. I reach home past 9 p.m. First thing I noticed is my mother's expression. She is mad why I'm late even though  she never speak to me. It's a daughter instinct I guess. That Tuesday afternoon she bade goodbye to me and went to the farm her second home. We exchanged text messages if she want to know something or she want me to do some things. I think were okay for that moment. 
Awhile ago, my dad went home to finish his things to do list. Unfortunately, he didn't finish it because of the rain and because of me. I am so inconsiderate person. I let my dad suffer and be wet. Now, my mother is mad at me. Why I'm like this? I always prioritize my friends rather than my family. I should have use my coconut shell to decide what comes first. I feel guilty for my dad. I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry Mom. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coming out

I was 14 when I finally admit to myself that I like girls rather than guys. In my adolescent years I have crushes on pretty girls. I never knew that time what is identity crisis. All I know my heart belongs to girls. I have my first girl relationship when I was 14 years old. She was 6 years older than me. I fell head over heels in love with my English teacher. It lasted for over 6 months. Damn! that sucks! But I get over it when I met my third girlfriend. Maybe you're wondering why I skip the second one because it's just a fling. She was a year older than me. She likes me the first time she laid my eyes on me. ( that was she told me)  But I didn't take advantage on that. I befriended her first, get to know her a little more. Then we became girlfriends for four months. Those four months were a roller coaster ride. We ended our relationship well I think. Then I met my fourth girlfriend. I don't have so much memories of her. I guess I don't like her that much. I will post next time what happen next.:)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Being gay is not a disease"

Earlier today, I watched the interview of Winnie Monsod with her guest Charice Pempengco or Charmaine Clarice Pempengco in real life. If you are curious who is this charice, she is an international artist. She has a phenomenal voice when you listen to her as if you were in cloud nine. She guested on Ellen De generes show and Oprah Winfrey show. David Foster was the one helping her build up her singing career in the States. Last Month she revealed her true identity many were shocked even me. But then I salute her for being brave enough to tell the world that she is gay. She is happy and in love with her girlfriend Alyssa Quijano. 
I quoted her answer during her interview. She answered the allegations that were throwing at her with confidence. Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines made a statement that maybe she is was just confused with her age she is not matured enough to know her real identity. She answered 'being gay is not a sin, it's not a disease that's why you cannot find a cure. It's a choice a person." And I absolutely agree on that :)