Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anger Management

this shows how Sydney destroy things when he's mad
My Brother reached the peak of his emotion earlier. I don't know the real reason but I think I have the clue. My Mom and I were not talking to my brother since Sunday. I was mad at him because He left our house with his motorcycle unsecured. The store was open. I understand that He is in love with his girlfriend. But He should know his responsibilities. When Mom arrived from General Santos City, she went to the City and maybe talked to my brother's supervisor, office mates and friends. I think He is embarrassed. I don't know when this family feud will end. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rat Payback

This polo shirt was my souvenir last year in our high school batch reunion. I just found out yesterday when I was looking for my Sunday dress. I was surprise and mad because this is one of my favorite shirt. Now I can't wear it. It made me realize that they are doing this to avenge their families. Few days ago, My brother and I set a bait for them and after two days I buried 5 rats. Maybe they sensed it that we are the one who initiated the trap to eliminate them. They are destruction in our business. Every morning I collected the pack noodles with hole on it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What am I suppose to do?

My mother scolded just a while ago telling me to stop facing laptop and do some chores. I already finished my household chores early this morning. I ask her what am I suppose to do? She told me to think of our problem. Is that right? That is why people went crazy because they are thinking of their problem. Is my Mom want me to be insane? There's a song lyrics" tawanan mo ang iyong problema" means laugh at your problem. In handling my problem I just want to take it easy. I don't want to get so emotional or attached to it. My mother is always like that. Sometimes, I can't understand her. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't Know

My friend from college called me up yesterday and told me that my ex girlfriend will getting married on July 5, 2012. My first reaction was shock and surprise. I wasn't prepared to hear this news from her. I know we've been separated for 5 years and until this time I didn't replace her in my heart. I cannot blame her for what she did to me. It is nice to know that she found the person that she will going to spend the rest of her life. I don't know how to react or expect. I don't wan to be bitter for her. 5 years of being single maybe enough. It's time for me to look for the person to love and somehow to be loved. This is it.. I have to accept the fact that she is happy with someone else. she is destined to a person that she can be proud of. Of course, I'm hurt for hearing this news. But what could I do. I should stop thinking of her. I should move on with my life. Plan my future without her. Being single has been a roller coaster ride. I hope I'm not to late to open my heart to some else and spend my time with her. How I wish I can feel the butterfly in my stomach again or swim on the cloud nine. I hope time will come this loneliness of mine will going to end.

Dog lover

I can call myself a certified dog lover. The first thing I do in the morning is to check if they are all right. I let them out in their cage to do their poo,pee,play and have their breakfast. While they are outside my task is to clean their cage.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Relaxed Day

I woke up 6 in the morning today. Went to my dog cages, I release Hatchi first and then fifi to make their morning pee and poo. Then I feed them. I put all the seven puppies in the ground and clean their house. I cooked rice, I boiled water, and dog food. I open the store, sweep-ed with stick broom  outside the store. Turn the radio on to listen to news. While sweeping inside the house, I listen to my favorite radio show "tambalan with Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper" at 8am. While seeping my coffee and guard the store. For one whole hour that I tuned in I'm so glad, happy and at the same time burst into laughter. My morning will not not complete without these two guys who answer the questions of their listeners. And the best part of the show is they dramatize the situation of person who is asking question. After my brother left for work, I went at the back and repack ice water. Turn my cellphone and internet on then I played poker. when nature calls, I took a bath. Eat my breakfast which I purchased my viand to my cousin's eatery, pochero for P15. Then I watched television. When it was 5 in the afternoon my Mom came home from the farm and I cooked our dinner. I fried lechon. Aunt Lyda and Mae my best friend share their prawn and crabs to us. It was delicious my  mom's favorite food. It was not that busy. I just had a relaxed day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello! It's been awhile!

I don't know what happen to me, I just stop writing my blog. Sometimes, I'm pre occupied with the things which is not important. I have been to other places, meet some people, the daily happenings to my life, but I didn't update my blog. For four months my blog has been quite. It was a waking mail to me when I receive the mail of izea. It's about time that I will check, write and update my blog. I miss my fellow bloggers.