Thursday, June 30, 2011

My pet Ganda on the Go

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Limpyo Kalog 2

A project that the City Government of Tacurong initiates every year in order for the concern individuals, organization, different schools and other agencies to cooperate in cleaning the surrounding. The spirit of camaraderie and unity of the constituents of tacurong city takes place. As I observed them cleaning the canals, getting all the trash and grass in the canals to avoid floods and cause of dengue. Kudos! to all volunteers! 

my Father Isidro

I took this pictures last June 19, 2011. One fine afternoon after we had our lunch. We celebrated the father's day together with Kuya Bon who vaccines our goat and pigs. A time that we seldom do together with my family because of our hectic schedules. Every time we had a family bonding  I see to it that we have a great time. I miss those times that Dad ad I talk about our future. My dad is kind and very funny at all times. I don't have dull moments when I'm with him. He is so industrious. I love him so much.

The solution to Arrianne's problem

My school mate Arrianne was worried because her future home was at stake of losing it. She work as factory worker in Taiwan, she earn much there. When she home to the Philippines she bought her earning a house that she will soon call it a home. She and her fiancee' john who works as a line man in one of the electric cooperative in our town almost left her because she doesn't value the house. Their relationship are now OK because Arriane consult the internet and found out that Home Affordable Refinance Program helps home owners to own their own in few months time. They offer refinance an very reasonable interest. They have an easy steps in applying for the said program and it will save your time and money. If you have clarifications and questions feel free to visit their website at

Friday, June 24, 2011

Party on the go

I took my 30 minutes nap in dawn morning. This photo was taken last night wherein we gather together and made some candid shots. Yang Imee in yellow t-shirt were appointed as the organizer of our reunion this coming December. Cecile wearing blue polo were just arrive from Dubai after two years of working as medial technologist. Mae on white shirt is helping her mother to run their rice business. Kristine who wears grey blouse is currently working in the insurance company located at Davao City. Arriane Joy who is very charming and a joker to the group is a free lancer same with me. I can say we are successful in our chosen fields. 

Dealing with trials

Two weeks ago I attended a birthday at the  same time farewell party of Kathy, whose a sister of my batch mate in high school. In that party I noticed Charish on what side of a corner. She was my school mate in one of the exclusive school in our town. She was one year older than me. I went to her post and start having a conversation. For almost ten years of not seeing each other we talked about her family and her two children, then her business. In the middle of our conversation she had a teary eye.She admitted that two years ago her husband made an affair with another woman and her life became miserable. That started her bankruptcy. She almost lost everything she possess. The sad part is they almost lost their home. Through her positive thinking and good strategy in life she made it because of  refinance who is there to answer all her needs. This program help those home owners who has encountering problems in paying their mortgage. This program is one way to get her feet back. She was down that time and nobody could help her that time. Thanks to for your wonderful program that can save lives not only for Charish but her two lovely children as well. If you have some questions regarding their program just visit their website.

I was a prayer leader last monday

I was chosen as prayer leader last Monday for my birthday. As a traditional way of celebration, each member of PREX parish Renewal Experience will give a chance to become a prayer leader. I give credits to those people who make it a successful one. To my mother Lynnie for her financial assistance, To Kuya Vic for his support in my prayer, To my brother Sydney for his unconditional love and support. to my best friend Mae for helping me out in my preparations. To you guys! thank you so much and i love you all! :-)

Veronica's Home Sweet Home

Veronica was a good friend of mine. She was hard working person. she raised her three year old son alone. She is the kind of person that I give credit because she used the day as night. Work at day as a volunteer in health center here in our town and during night time she prepares food for tomorrow that she will sell in the different offices. At 3 in the morning she will get up in  her be and start to cook. In one conversation we had she told me she is working this hard enable to provide her son a beautiful future and a house that she will call home. I was not surprise when she drop by in my place that she already brought a home. She was very happy because she saw the fruits of her labor. She was encountering a slight problem with her payment in her mortgage. As a concerned friend, I recommend refinance,a program that helps home owners to own their home. Home Affordable Refinance  Program is one of the finest program in the internet today because they offer low interest rate for the home owners to avail in their program. The principal loan amount you can easily lend to them. That's how fast and accurate this program for the benefactors. They are considered as one of the leading program today. As I convey this information to Veronica she was very glad and she will no doubt that she will own this home someday.  For more information just visit their website at

Good bye my rockstar

After ganda my pet gave birth to this beautiful puppy and I name him rockstar after my brother' motorcycle. For a week of fighting for his life he gave up. On one Sunday I found him lying in his mom's stomached not breathing. I was surprise and almost cried. To my rockstar goodbye.:'(

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feel free to consult

I have known  Kimberly way back elementary years. After we graduated from elementary she went far away and finish he degree. I lose contact from her until we bumped each other in the public terminal. Upon riding the bus we were talking about our life together until she opened up her problem in  her manufacturing business. She is dealing bankruptcy. She was crying because the money that she invested in her business was her fruits of her labor while working abroad. I can't bear to see her that way. When we parted our ways I went home and search  in the internet to find some answers to her problem. Good thing found Sacramento bankruptcy attorney who is renowned firm in their country. Gerald B. Glazer is a very approachable guy. He offer quality service and take note he doesn't take charge in consultation. Immediately I told kimerly and she was delighted. If you have any questions and things to clarify just call him at 916-442-3111 or visit them at

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nothing to do

Last night I can't sleep after the heavy rain. I went in the backyard and check what's happening. I saw my ducks, chickens, and dogs. I thought to myself, maybe this is the life of being single. Raise animals that makes you happy. I consider them as part of my life. If anyone would gone ahead of me, I'll be sad for sure.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 idiots

I was amazed f this movie.  My brother called my attention to watch this movie. At first I was hesitant, I thought I can't understand because it was a Hindi movie. After watching this movie I shed a tear, they are not idiots. I can say they are smart  because they went to an engineering school and made good grades. Te story revolves in love, friendship and studies. Guys, I urge you to watch this movie. You will surely enjoy every moment of it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A filipino is the new Guiness Shortest Man on Earth

I couldn't believe in  my two eyes while watching this news last night. A guy who is now 18 years old and his height was just like a one year old boy. It's unbelievable. I hope he will have a good life. His mother is worried because he received bullies from their neighbors. Look how popular this kid now.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I give credit to the most valuable player of Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzky for job well done. Even though he didn't played well in game 6 but his team mates work as a team to win the championship. I cried when I learned that for 18 years of playing in the NBA they haven't won any trophy. Cheers! to Jason Terry  for leading the scorers, to Jason Kidd for the first time he won the championship after so long and he's the oldest player in the league.To Jose Barera for his outstanding shooting skills, To Chandler  Tyson for his rebounding and backs outing skills. I also give credit to Lebron James for being gentleman enough to accept their defeat. See you in the Next season NBA fans.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brilliant Voice

This is one of the video in the facebook that my friends keep on watching. Me too I can say that I was inspired by just merely watching how this young man grow up alone. He has exquisite voice that I can compare to Andrea Boccelli, a man who was blind and sing like an angel. I was stunned by Sung-Bong when he open his mouth and started to sing. I thought He was lost and just auditioning himself in the most popular talent show in the world. I learned that you cannot judge the person in his physical appearance but you have see his/her inner self.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love playing poker

The only game I play in my Facebook account is poker. I enjoyed playing and chatting with my poker buddies. At first, It was difficult but later on as I watched on television and my brother played. I learn now how to play.  I met different people from different parts of the world. This game I considered as bonding time for me and m friends. Not only passing of the time.  How I wish  I can teach my best friend Mae how to play this game so that she can appreciate this kid of sports that I'm having fun to play.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to School

Yesterday was the official opening of school year after three months of vacation. I'm pretty sure that the students are not that excited to come back to school. They still enjoying their vacation together with their family and friends. But some students are excited for their new school supplies which their parents prepared and bought to them. As I watched the news last night regarding of opening the classes. Same problem that the Department of Education, teachers, and students are encountering. The number of classrooms are not enough for the over populated students. Lack of teachers and their salary was not enough for eight hours of working. Education is the foundation of man's knowledge. How can you learn if the classroom is crowded?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Me and my friends on Saturday night

I'm so busy during weekend because of my household chores and I did some marketing for our store. I also went to public terminal wherein the ukay ukay or the second hand clothing were selling are being transferred to that particular place. I spend almost three hours of selecting in shoes,shirts,socks and shorts. But after those hours spent I only bought one shirt and four pairs of socks. I was tired not because of standing ad walking but the weather was so hot. I went home and update my facebook page. Then  I watched The last song by Miley Cyrus. After watching I received a text message from Clemen  that we will going out and for sure to have fun. I prepared myself instantly then they pick me up. We went to Koronadal City almost 9 in the evening. We went to EMR Center to watch the band performed live. I don't know what the bad name is. We drunk brandy then beer. We went home at 2 in the morning. We bought balut is boiled egg which is very poplar food in our country. After eating balut we bought ice cream. We enjoyed laughing and food tripping.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I made Chicken Afritada for breakfast

(The guard)
This is the first time I made chicken afritada. I woke up early in the morning and went to the market and bought  one half kilo chicken and 3 pieces of potato. Would you believe the kilo of chicken is P175 and the potato is P120. I was aware that the price of basic commodities are now increasing because of the crude oil market. How I wish someday the economy will become stable so that those people who could afford. I thank God for this blessing that he continues to shower upon us and to taste this delicious meal.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dallas Mavericks won the Game 2 over Miami Heat

As always I'm all alone watching and cheering the Mavericks team.  The first quarter was not good because of the Dallas team effort was unsatisfactory. When the game continues until fourth quarter my hope was losing. The Miami leads by 15 points. The shooting percentage of Miami Heat was increasing. Especially one of their star player Wade was phenomenal in his shooting  and assist skills.  He reach 36 points in the fourth quarter, his highest points in the playoffs. While Lebron James was outstanding in driving the ball into the basket. His 3 points ability was great too.  But because of Dallas enthusiasm and their team effort to win game 2. I gave them credit for that. Sorry Heat fans, Dallas won this time:) See you in game 3. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's on my mind?

Hmmm..What should I post today?  There's a lot of issues to tackle problem of the Philippines, my life, my goal,my family and my friends.  As of this moment as I'm writing this post I haven't take a bath. Yucky! I woke up very late almost 7 a.m. because I was drunk last night.  My cousin Claire and husband Alejandro got  a chance to visit me. While Alejandro and I drink beer Claire told me that they bought a house and lot for 800 thousand pesos. The house was good according to the pictures that I saw in her facebook page. A small renovation will do so that it will be presentable. I told them well, after the blessing we can have party in your brand new house cousin. She immediately agree with me.