Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm in love Finally!

I finally met the one who took my breath away.. She is the most amazing person in the world. She turn my world upside down. She's the one that I've been waiting for the longest period of time. She bring the best in me. She makes me complete. She makes me happy. She inspires me in every thing that she do. I'm singing my heart out. I love her... I love you 34!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pacman wins over Bam Bam Rios!

The Filipino pride and the 8 time Division Champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao wins with the unanimous decision over Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios. The entire match was dominated by Pacquiao. I quote one of the commentator told the viewers that he is the only politician who keeps his promise. A promise that he will not failed this time. He will regain his dignity after his two successive defeats. One thing amaze me is that he offer his fight to those victims and survivor of the super typhoon Haiyan. Thank you Manny for uplifting the filipino morale. It was a sweet victory for us. The whole world is celebrating your victory.

A shirt that saves thousand of lives

This shirt was sold for two hundred fifty pesos and the proceeds will go to the typhoon victims in Visayas region. What is two hundred fifty pesos if you help your countrymen who are facing a worst dilemma in their life right now. It's my way help to these people despite I don't know them personally but the thought of helping your own people. I am privileged that I was not hit by that killer typhoon. It was reported that it was the strongest typhoon that hit the world. Hang on my fellowmen! It's going to be okay soon. Keep the faith!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Philippines my Motherland

I have read post, watch news and heard over the radio all the bad comments regarding these horrific incidents that has been happening in my country. One pastor made an statement that Philippines is suffering because living in the Philippines are sinners. I think that is not fair. Before you finger point others ask yourself first. Therefore I conclude that Philippines are strong people no matter what comes in the way it will going to stand again. That's what we are, Filipinos are fighters.

Friday, November 22, 2013

I run, I help!

The Tacurong Runners Club in partneship with Gawad kalinga Tacurong City Chapter take initiative to conduct a 3 kilometer and 5 kilometer fun run for the constituents of Tacurong City to extend help to those survivors of the catastrophic event  when typhoon Haiyan locally called Yolanda hit the Visayas region . It's a little help but for them it's quite a big impact in their lives. I pray that they will stand on their feet again and face the future with a strong heart. My dogs ganda and peachy were part of this one of a kind event:)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Life is beautiful

Last Saturday, I was watching television and I was amazed by the program "That's my Tomboy". I saw different styles of lesbians the way they walk, talk and carry their self. After introducing their names and locations they showcase their talents. Some dances and some sings. In the final part of the program is the question and answer portion. The question goes this way. Why did you join this kind of contest? One of the contestant brought my attention when she gave her answer to the host. We aren't perfect but we are just true to ourselves. People tend to misjudge us because of our identity that's why I join in this contest is to somehow make those close minded people to open up their minds that we are all equal in the eyes of God. He is the only one who will judge us. And for that answer it gave me a smile. Bravo!! One of the judge made a statement. She told the contestant that I was impressed by your answer. Acceptance is the key factor in the society. If someone discriminate you you just told him/her heck! I don't care life is beautiful if you know how to live it..:)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Every one has it's own story"- Dad

I had one conversation with my Dad last Thursday noon while having lunch he told me what he was been doing when he was still young. His accomplishment and being a child like. How his mother and father strive hard to raise him as a man. How his siblings helped and send him to school and get quality education. My father is just a simple man. When he knows you are lonely he will try his beslt to put a smile on your lips. My father is a happy person. He seldom talks about his past that's why I grabbed the opportunity to listen to him and ask questions. At the end of his story he will quote "every one has it' own story". My dad is right we are the one who are making our own story whether it's good or bad. There are certain event in our lives that we can't forget. And people may come and go in our lives.That's life is.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cruelty on Animals

Devastated.. That's my initial reaction when I saw this news. If I'm near them I'll smack their faces with my fist. Those teens doesn't have the heart. They thought its funny to step on the puppy and let it die. And they are enjoying it for sure. How could do that? GRrrrrr... Those b****** will face consequence for what they did. I know that justice will prevail. I love to see them behind bars and pay for the damages. If the government is serious in taking legal action on this crime.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monster Max

This coming October 15 Max will be turning 1 year old. She has this beautiful brown eyes that you can't resist if you make contact. Maxene is a pit bull who loves to bark especially when the the two duck lovers is around her cage. She pisses off every time she see the two together. I don't know if she has a thing for the girl duck..lol... In my rest days I tried my best to take time to walk her for her exercise.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to the Nature

If I'm going to be a photographer I like to take pictures on nature. Every time I see pictures of nature it's refreshing to my eyes. I'm amazed to those photographers who took pictures on nature. I'm just dreaming to become one:) Nah!! It's just a dream... A crazy dream:)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

It's been a year since I quit smoking and embrace living healthy lifestyle. Yahoo!! It feels great and free without thinking spending so much to the dentist. What a great accomplishment I had for leaving my bad habits. My advice to those smokers If you want to quit just do it. Think of the people you love.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus what???

What?! is this true? Miley Cyrus gone wild. She is now trending anywhere in the world. This photo is the evidence. She is one of the top rated entertainer. I don't know if this is truly entertaining to some conservatives. Yes, you read it right even though we live in the modern world there are some people who were conservative. I don't know what his father's reaction on this matter.I thin this is too much for me that is my initial reaction.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amanda Bynes

The first time I laid my eyes on her she is such a sweetheart. Her bright blue eyes is mesmerizing me.She is so pretty and she this innocent face. I can't forget her movie entitled she's the man. She was amazing in there. After that I never heard of her. Now I'm shocked when I saw her on tel
evision that she is a drug addict and she faces illegal drug case. I pity her. That was the fame that brought her. I hope one day she will going to realize that taking illegal drugs will only brought you down. Your career, life, relationship with your family, and your fans. It will going to destroy you slowly and surely. I know in time she will going to recover whatever she is going through right now. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

One step at a time

I'm making a big decision with my life right now. This coming October I'm going to take Civil Service Examination for Professional. I think it's about time that I will get a license as a professional individual. I'm taking one step at a time. My plan next year is to take International English Language Testing System (IELTS). In order to apply abroad. This is a challenge for me because I already tested my physical strength and I passed. I don't want to be negative I will going to pass my mental strength just be committed on it. Big decision with big stake on the line. This is for the success of my life. If I'm still here I will not grow as a person or I can't reach my dream. I'm gonna make it with cross fingers.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The sweet Maxene

Maxene is a 5 months old pitbull that my brother owned. She is loves to play with Niquee my 7 month old pug. I'm fond of watching two of them exchanging bite in each other's face and their hands as well. Maxene loves to roll and with the "arrrggg" sound. Maxene loves tou
ching her head. She maybe big but she has a heart. One thing she hate is the female duck. I don't know every time she sees the duck she goes wild. That is Maxene.

Friday, August 2, 2013

My Brother in his get up!!!

My Brother is getting ready for his interview as picture shown. His co workers are helping him to fix his polo. My Brother Sydney desire for so long to have a position in the Assessor's Office. We support his dreams with cross fingers, hopefully and praying that he will get the job. He had an opponent she is an engineer too but civil. My brother is a graduate of Industrial Engineer, A Graduate of Associate in Computer Science, A TESDA Data Encoder passer NCII and been in the Local Government Unit for five years. I think he deserve a position for serving and waiting that long. To my Brother Good luck! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The beauty of Tacurong city when the sun is shine

I'm fond of capturing pictures of nature. It is when I realized how lucky I am to enjoyed the view and see it for myself. How grateful I am to have  a place like Tacurong City whose peaceful and you have the liberty to do what ever you want to do especially when you're into running early in the morning. I'm inviting my readers if you have time to come and visit my beloved City.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Progress Tacurong City

As I'm giving my contribution to post for promoting my beloved Tacurong. I was born and raised here for 29 years. I had witnessed how my city progress. Before some roads were not yet fixed but now almost where you go it is cemented. Before we experienced flooding wherein the water level rose up and went inside our house. It was a devastating moment because  4 sacks of our rice were damage. It was a disaster. We accepted that as an accident. We move on. Then I noticed every time there's strong typhoon coming, the water level would not even reach our gate. I realize the City Government of Tacurong is giving their best to prevent that incident to happen again. Thank goodness our government is making a move to serve its people.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sun is Rise

I'm making a habit to wake up early in the morning. One thing that excite me most is to go outside and feel the sun hit my face. Recently, I received a message from Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat page inviting bloggers to post in promoting the place for the upcoming Foundation Anniversary on September 18. As a blogger I will make my share. I took that photo using my cellphone a few weeks ago it captures the beautiful rising of the sun where you enjoy each moment you were standing there, witnessing how grateful I am to be in that positioned. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I messed up big time

Just last week my friends and I went to Surigao, del Sur to have good time with each other after a long separation. In the last day, we went window shopping, share laughter and eating together. When we decided to go home it's past 3 p.m. We reach van terminal at around 4 p.m. due to traffic because it was rush hour. There's a van available. We place our belongings and all of a sudden there's a a commotion going on. My friend doesn't want to put the baggage of other passenger in the middle of their seats because she's uncomfortable. The driver was mad, so he told us to leave and transfer to the next van. As a friend, I went with them. We waited for the van to full with 12 passengers on it. We leave Davao City at around 6 p.m. While on the road the driver drives so fast in my estimate it reach 100 kph. We almost got into accident because our driver overtake to the 10 wheeler truck and there's a strange man who happen to pass on the other lane. According to one of the passenger he had save by his guardian angel. I reach home past 9 p.m. First thing I noticed is my mother's expression. She is mad why I'm late even though  she never speak to me. It's a daughter instinct I guess. That Tuesday afternoon she bade goodbye to me and went to the farm her second home. We exchanged text messages if she want to know something or she want me to do some things. I think were okay for that moment. 
Awhile ago, my dad went home to finish his things to do list. Unfortunately, he didn't finish it because of the rain and because of me. I am so inconsiderate person. I let my dad suffer and be wet. Now, my mother is mad at me. Why I'm like this? I always prioritize my friends rather than my family. I should have use my coconut shell to decide what comes first. I feel guilty for my dad. I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry Mom. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coming out

I was 14 when I finally admit to myself that I like girls rather than guys. In my adolescent years I have crushes on pretty girls. I never knew that time what is identity crisis. All I know my heart belongs to girls. I have my first girl relationship when I was 14 years old. She was 6 years older than me. I fell head over heels in love with my English teacher. It lasted for over 6 months. Damn! that sucks! But I get over it when I met my third girlfriend. Maybe you're wondering why I skip the second one because it's just a fling. She was a year older than me. She likes me the first time she laid my eyes on me. ( that was she told me)  But I didn't take advantage on that. I befriended her first, get to know her a little more. Then we became girlfriends for four months. Those four months were a roller coaster ride. We ended our relationship well I think. Then I met my fourth girlfriend. I don't have so much memories of her. I guess I don't like her that much. I will post next time what happen next.:)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Being gay is not a disease"

Earlier today, I watched the interview of Winnie Monsod with her guest Charice Pempengco or Charmaine Clarice Pempengco in real life. If you are curious who is this charice, she is an international artist. She has a phenomenal voice when you listen to her as if you were in cloud nine. She guested on Ellen De generes show and Oprah Winfrey show. David Foster was the one helping her build up her singing career in the States. Last Month she revealed her true identity many were shocked even me. But then I salute her for being brave enough to tell the world that she is gay. She is happy and in love with her girlfriend Alyssa Quijano. 
I quoted her answer during her interview. She answered the allegations that were throwing at her with confidence. Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines made a statement that maybe she is was just confused with her age she is not matured enough to know her real identity. She answered 'being gay is not a sin, it's not a disease that's why you cannot find a cure. It's a choice a person." And I absolutely agree on that :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Miami Heat wins 2013 NBA Championship

Not just us Filipinos who were an NBA fan but all around the globe who watched the game 7 of the NBA 2013 Championship between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. It was one of the phenomenal I have ever seen. The cheering and the noise I made during the game were countless. My nervous was top of my head because the game was crucial. The spurs did their best but wasn't good enough. On the other hand, the Miami Heat headed by the 3 time Most Valuable Player Lebron James was ecstatic. He lead his team to a victory once again. Congratulations to Erik Spoelstra their coach our very own. We filipinos are so proud of you for what you have accomplished. Kudos to all Miami team and staff for such a tremendous, amazing and fabulous game.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's my Birthday again:)

Hooray! Thank you Lord for another year you have given to me. I may not be perfect in your eyes because of the sins that I commit but trying my best to be a good disciple here on earth. Thank you for I'm surrounded by the people who love me endlessly and accept me for who I am. Words can't express how grateful I am for the numerous blessings you showered upon me and my entire family. I have three wishes for this year. 
  • Please give my entire family and friends good health.
  • Please give me the right opportunity to land a job
  • Please help our farm for it is our livelihood.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My journey of losing weight part 2

I work my ass out everyday to achieve my 55 kilos goal. If you could imagine my sweat was dripping throughout my body not to mention my muscles pain. My determination, sacrifices, and support of the people  I love keeps me going. Internet and electricity were the primary tool that I reach my goal without I am still the old Janz who were living unhealthy lifestyle. I think there is nothing wrong if I go beyond my past goal weight.  Currently, I'm reaching my 50 kilos weight goal. I weighted just this morning I'm 52 kilos, another 2 kilos to burn. I encourage my close friends to do the same because we are not getting any younger. By and by we will reach 30 years old. That's what I always told them. I want to inspire my readers to do the same. There is noting wrong with exercise. God gave you 24 hours a day, if you love yourself enough why don't you spend even an hour a day to exercise. There is nothing to lose if you will do it. Don't forget to Pray for guidance. Good luck readers:)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My journey of losing weight part 1

"Overweight" that's what people keep on calling me. For years I've been living this kind of life. Eat unhealthy foods, Drink alcohol, smoking cigarettes averaging 1 pack a day, and too lazy to exercise. It was September 18, 2012 I decided to quit smoking totally. It's a very difficult decision to make for someone who depends on cigarettes for over five long years. It was awakening decision for me to all of a sudden change the routine of my life. For the first months, it was not easy. I woke up early in the morning to jog and do my household chores. I was physically and mentally tired but I keep going on because I had this positive attitude that I will lose weight in due time. My determination keeps me going. I went through a lot. Muscles pain and stomach pain name it. I experience it. I even tried to drink curvy for more than a month. It's a slimming orange juice, you will drink it 30 minutes before breakfast and you will lose your appetite. As for me, I didn't lose my appetite totally its just a state of mind. I sacrifice eating lots of carbohydrates especially rice. I thought m world turns upside down if I will not going to eat rice but to no avail I was wrong. There's a lot of substitute of eating carbohydrates not just rice. Internet is one of the effective way that I lose weight. If I can't jog I see to it I find time to do taebo. Taekwondo Boxing workout wherein Billy Blanks a renowned physical fitness instructor is the one who help me keep going. I like the way he shares his wisdom to everyone who is doing taebo. I even sacrifice drinking soft drinks. I discipline myself to exercise at least one hour a day. Just to burn calories. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Taken last December 2011

You never know what your future brings, in this life nothing is uncertain. This photo was taken last December 2011 during our high school reunion. I weighted 65 kilos to 66 kilos. I don't exercise. I eat whatever I like. Most of the night  I'm drunk. I don't care at all. This was the result of it;(