Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hatchi and Fifi enjoys each other company

Every Morning when I woke up, I always go to the backyard where my dogs tied and break them free to have them poo and pee. After dong that  notice hatchi and fifi playing. They are fond of running,barking and biting each other. As I observe them i can't help myself to join them or sometimes smile because of what they are doing. I'm enjoying their company each and everyday. 

We love Sports

My brother Sydney and I have something in common, we both love any kind of sports. He is more athletic than I do. He loves outdoor sports as for me I'm into indoor sports. Our bonding time is watching sports in the television wherein we'd bet who will won and whoever lose there's consequence to take. One time, I shared to him about my dream of watching our favorite teams played live. He tapped my shoulder and said it will come sis,you'll see. Days pass by, when I went home he surprise with two tickets in his hands. This is his birthday present for me. We will going to watch basketball live. Our favorite team Los Angeles Lakers heads on with Dallas Mavericks. Later  I ask him where did he bought these tickets. He said he purchased it online. He added that he will earn his salary in order for us to see more live college football such as north carolina central eagles tickets,north carolina charlotte 49ers tickets,
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

4th Balino Family Reunion

Last December 24, 2011 we celebrated our Family reunion. despite of our hectic schedules we tend to celebrate which we had so much fun. I hope this year it will be funnier. Thank You to my cousins who are cooperative enough to make the event a successful one.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Batch 2001 Grand Reunion

After ten years of graduating from High School Notre Dame Of Tacurong Girls and Boys celebrates it's grand reunion last December 29, 2011. The event was filled with laughter and the parlor games was fun. We are grateful that for a long period of time we had a chance to talked about our accomplishments, our life, and our journey of becoming successful. I hope in the near future I can share my achievements because sometimes I feel aloof with my batch mates. They are now lawyers, doctors, nurses and other professional status. as for me, I'm nobody(sigh)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

A big celebration we have done during New Year's Eve. My brother and I cooked Hamon and grilled pusit which we enjoyed. Our childhood friend Dave pave a visit, we haven't seen each other for sixteen years. and during his stay we talked the things he's been through. His mother passes away last May 2011 and he went into depression. I advice him to take it easy because at young age of 30, he will going to sick. He suffered so much and we have the same family background. I hope in God's perfect time he will resolve his problem.