Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Piolo Pascual and Kc Conception ended their relationship

Local showbiz spreading the news regarding the piolo-kc split up. The statement of Kc in her one on one interview with Boy Abunda last sunday was a heart breaking. She didn't tell exactly what had  happen to their long month relationship but you can see in Kc's eyes that she 's hurting. If you could study or scrutinize Kc's statement, there's something about Piolo that need to clarify to the public about his sexuality. On the other hand, Piolo is maybe protecting his career. I think I deserve to hear Piolo's side.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodbye my cousin Armelene

My cousin Armelene was just 33 years old when our creator decided to end her journey so called life last November 21, 2011. I remember when I was a kid she will be the one to look after me when my mother was working and my father was sick. Whenever she doesn't have class in her elementary years instead of playing with her colleagues she'd rather play with me. I'm going to miss her laugh not just an ordinary laugh but a loud laugh. Wherever you are (Ging) her nickname you will always be remembered. May you rest in peace.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me and Arriane

Arriane and I became close friends during our trip in bohol last Lenten season. Including Mae and Clemen, the four of us spend our holy week in that particular place that we're strangers to that amazing place. My first impression to Arriane was she's not fun to be with and strict in some ways. But I was wrong, arriane is a jolly person, very secretive, and you will burst into tears of joy when you're with her. That's why I like her.:)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The best Innovation

As long as there's man living in this planet, no one can stop him or her to invent products that make would satisfy man's hunger for innovation. There are lots of reason why these individuals never tired of doing their research and come up to the conclusion that all of us will be benefited. I admit when they invented Internet it made my life complete because everything I want to know it's all here. I'm one of the millions or even billion people in this world that hooked in watching You Tube site. I even upload some videos in various scene wherever I go. 
I'm so excited to introduce the most amazing product that is available in the market today, It's ImTOO You Tube Video Converter. I give hand salute to these people who made extra effort to invent this kind of product that makes it easier for me and for everyone else who were fond of watching You Tube Videos with standard or high definition quality. Whether you are using Ipod, Ipad, mobile phones or any portable gadgets you can think of. I choose http://www.imtoo.com/ipod-movie-converter.html because I'm a movie lover. Not only that  they lots of products that you ca choose from such as http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-to-ipad-converter.html wherein you can convert DVDs to Ipad movie files,http://www.imtoo.com/itransfer-platinum.html wherein you can transfer your favorite movies, DVDs on your computer,Ipad,Ipod,iTunes,  http://www.imtoo.com/iphone-transfer-platinum.html wherein you can convert DVD/CD to iPhone. I will surely recommend this product to my circle of friends who likes new product that comes out in the market. I don't mind paying much money for this product because I know in my heart that it will satisfy my need as a human being. I'm the type of person that scrutinize every detail that I won't regret in the end. Besides, finding is not  easy. Don't waste your time now click the link and surely you will have fun. There's 30 days money back guarantee. Feel free to visit their site at http://www.imtoo.com/youtube-video-converter.html  for more information.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Welcome to the family Hachi

I'm a dog lover in nature. I have passion in taking care of dogs. Now I own four female dogs namely alex, ganda cross breeds chihuahua, fifi Labrador, and my new puppy Hachi a miniature pinscher. According to the seller her father is mini pinscher and her mother is a cross breed japanese spitz. How I wish she will be just fine until she grows old.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Field Work in the farm

Last October, I had a chance to witness and help our dear farmers in harvesting our rice fields. It was tough task and tiring as well. But behind those works it was fun. I enjoyed working with them. It was my first time to  go into the field and ask them how to do it, they will answer me the way possible. I noticed while they were sweating like a corn shape they are still laughing and smiling. I really appreciate what they are doing in order to feed their respective families.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being a lesbian is a disease?

Young Janz was exposed to the reality when she was in her elementary years. She lived in an environment wherein there's a lesbian couple occupying their apartment. At first she thought they are just best friends. But her thorough research she found out that her neighbors are couples. She began having crushes with her female playmates, classmates, schoolmates even her teachers. She met Stephanie when we was in grade four. That time Stephanie was her dream girl. She possess a filipina beauty, fair skin, long hair and had a beautiful smile. For three long years, every time she saw Stephanie she would get nervous or tremble. One time she bumped Stephanie in the canteen that was recess period. Her world turn upside down. The only problem with Janz before is she doesn't have the guts to tell Stephanie that she like her. 
There's one reason why she can't confessed to Stephanie what she feel because of the rumors spreading the school. Such as: Liking a girl is abnormal feeling. Besides your committing a sin. You two doesn't belong together. Janz was devastated having heard all this stuff.

Janz Family

I was born and raised by a typical family. My father currently work in the farm raising pigs, goats, chickens and dogs while my mother is working in Department of Interior and Local Government as a City Director in my hometown Tacurong City. I have one sibling his name is Sydney, 29 years of age and working in the Local Government Unit in the City of Assessor's Office. 
When I was young, I remember those days that my Mom would always scolded us in front of many people, spanked us and made white lies. Growing up with this kind of family is a bit difficult. My father that time was irresponsible. I made mistakes in my life so that they will appreciate me especially my Mom who spent her life working in her office, very active in her religious organizations and doing some decision making in our farm. 
I didn't appreciate the things that my Mom showed me that time. All I saw is the negative side of her. 
Later I realized that if it wasn't for my Mom who is working her butt almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week, my brother and I will not enjoy this privileged that we are experiencing right now. I just want to say forgive me my Mother for the times you needed my support but I was not there to help you. Forgive me father for the bad things I said and done. Forgive me my brother for being selfish.
Thank You Mom and Dad for what I'am today. Thank you for teaching me the reality of life. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to enjoy my life taking care of you. As you two, grow old together I hope our closeness and being open to our feelings with one another will still the same as time goes by. I love you so much my mama, papa and brother Sydney. Most of all I thank the almighty God for his unfathomable love and trials that he's given us. Without Him we sill surely lose our ways. I love you too God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit,Mama Mary and Joseph.