Monday, October 6, 2008

Anne Hathaway Jokes About Ex's Troubles on 'SNL'

Anne Hathaway, who just recently began addressing her ex boyfriend's legal troubles, dealt with the issue head-on last night by making jokes about the situation while hosting "Saturday Night Live."

In her opening monologue, Hathaway joked that during the summer, "I broke up with my boyfriend... and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud."

The star of the just released 'Rachel Getting Married' again got big laughs by adding, "I mean, we've all been there, right ladies?"

Hathaway, 25, continued by stating that the "experience made me feel pretty gullible, and I was ready to swear off dating, but then I found an amazing new guy." She explains that the new guy is a Nigerian prince who just happened to send her an e-mail and ask for her social security number.

"How sweet is that?" she said, adding that for their one-month anniversary gift, she sent him a CD and $100,000. "I feel pretty good about us," she joked.

Last month, Hathaway's ex Raffaello Follieri plead guilty to one count of conspiring to commit wire fraud, eight counts of wire fraud and five counts of money laundering in connection with an alleged fraudulent real estate investment scheme.

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