Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sunday's Adventure

Yesterday, I attend the 9:30 am mass and the presider is Fr. Diosdado Esguerra, DCC. After the mass, I did my marketing for our store, then went home to have my (brunch) breakfast and lunch.
I hurried up, prepared my things. I brought with me our left over foods, and shrimp.
When I reach our farm around 12 noon, I cooked our lunch. My main dish is Sinigang na hipon. My olds enjoyed sipping the hot and delicious soup. Then I wash our dishes, and I sweep our backyards. I estimated the square meter of the land I sweep maybe 25. That's why I got 2 dis tear in my right hand, middle finger. But I have fun spending my Sunday with my parents. Till next time.

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jHeLea said...

how I wish you've posted the sinigang na hipon sis...I love sinigang...