Thursday, October 9, 2008

Foo Fighters to John McCain: Hands off Our Song!

The Foo Fighters have thrown a monkey wrench in John McCain's use of one of their big hits on the campaign trail -- and they're not the first big-name band to do so!

The Foos are requesting that McCain stop using their tune "My Hero," says the Associated Press.

"The saddest thing about this is that 'My Hero' was written as a celebration of the common man and his extraordinary potential," the band said. "To have it appropriated without our knowledge and used in a manner that perverts the original sentiment of the lyric just tarnishes the song."

The Foos join John Mellencamp, ABBA and Jackson Browne as artists who've requested that McCain not use their songs as Republican presidential anthems. Browne even sued McCain to protest his use of "Running on Empty" in a campaign ad.

On the flip side, soul singer Sam Moore asked Barack Obama not to use "Soul Man," says the AP.

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