Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have mixed emotion!

Yesterday, I check my Payperpost account and found out that I receive a ban from one advertiser.
That doesn't make sense, I followed the task that was given to me but in return he/she ban me. I help him/her in promoting their site, but what I got? Now, I receive less opportunity. Why would he/she would do that? That's not fair. If I'm computer genius I will hack him/her. But I have little knowledge on computer, I guess I have to pray him/her in order for them to realize what he/she has done and if they have conscience.


shimumsy said...

sorry to hear that. but i have one too but no particular adv. wrong pr daw!~

jHeLea said...

so far po I have not yet experienced that "ban thing"...sana naman hindi mangyari sa akin ang ganyan....nakakatakot naman po pala