Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We love Sports

My brother Sydney and I have something in common, we both love any kind of sports. He is more athletic than I do. He loves outdoor sports as for me I'm into indoor sports. Our bonding time is watching sports in the television wherein we'd bet who will won and whoever lose there's consequence to take. One time, I shared to him about my dream of watching our favorite teams played live. He tapped my shoulder and said it will come sis,you'll see. Days pass by, when I went home he surprise with two tickets in his hands. This is his birthday present for me. We will going to watch basketball live. Our favorite team Los Angeles Lakers heads on with Dallas Mavericks. Later  I ask him where did he bought these tickets. He said he purchased it online. He added that he will earn his salary in order for us to see more live college football such as north carolina central eagles tickets,north carolina charlotte 49ers tickets,
north carolina greensboro spartans tickets. He told me that if you want easy, fast and reliable selling of tickets online just visit

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