Monday, October 14, 2013

Life is beautiful

Last Saturday, I was watching television and I was amazed by the program "That's my Tomboy". I saw different styles of lesbians the way they walk, talk and carry their self. After introducing their names and locations they showcase their talents. Some dances and some sings. In the final part of the program is the question and answer portion. The question goes this way. Why did you join this kind of contest? One of the contestant brought my attention when she gave her answer to the host. We aren't perfect but we are just true to ourselves. People tend to misjudge us because of our identity that's why I join in this contest is to somehow make those close minded people to open up their minds that we are all equal in the eyes of God. He is the only one who will judge us. And for that answer it gave me a smile. Bravo!! One of the judge made a statement. She told the contestant that I was impressed by your answer. Acceptance is the key factor in the society. If someone discriminate you you just told him/her heck! I don't care life is beautiful if you know how to live it..:)

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