Thursday, August 13, 2009

Botchoy: My Vivid Memories of You!

Mama Alex gave birth around midnight
I listen to her crying with fright
Another blessing in the family, I thought
Even a single money they cannot be bought!

As I peek in one corner of our house
I saw Mama Alex with gladness in her eyes
Never Imagine she will bore 5 beautiful puppies
That made me very happy and excited

I made sure they will be fed by there mother
And every time they are crying I am there
I understand Mama Alex got mad at times
Maybe because they are plenty and love to play with her tits sometimes

I distributed them to my friends and relatives
Heard feed backs that they are all active
I keep one of your mother's puppy
As a souvenir for her third generation baby

At first I was named him Yi Jung
After my favorite Korean TV Series Boys Over Flowers
My brother hated his name because it's hard to spell
Then He insisted that his name will be Botchoy

For three months that Botchoy and I together
All I can think of is our happy memories with each other
I thought No one will take him away from me
But I was so selfish, never thought in just a split second he will vanish without further notice

Botchoy, You brighten up my day
You made me smile in your own little way
I can't forget your big black eyes
Which every time you look at me; I am melting like ice

You brought out the best in me
I know that I'm the one to blame
For your sudden death
I'm so sorry for the pain and hurt that I caused you Botchoy!

Goodbye, my ever beloved loyal friend
I know soon we will meet again
In the holy place that our Creator has set for us
There we will no longer be separated no matter what!

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