Friday, August 14, 2009


There are lot of scandal that this government that we had. I cannot name them because there are too many of them. If my memory serves me correctly, the hottest issue today os this Arroyo Administration is the uneplainable gotten wealth of the first family when her excellency is in the position. She recently went to United States to have a chat with President Obama. And after that, speculations is coming out. Her team made a fabulous dinner in a french restaurant. They spend over $20,000 equivalent to P1000000. Which the People of the Republic of the Philippines are devastated.


Kim, USA said...

Oo nga eh,buti at nakalunok pa sila sa kanilang kinain eh back to Pinas ang daming gutom at nagkahirap paghanap nang pera may mabili lang na pagkain para sa pamilya. I also wonder how come lumobo ang kanyang assets??? What I heard is that last year 2008 daw lumubo ang kanyang pera dahil sa stocks?? WTF???!! Eh last year ang daming na bankruft ang daming umiyak dahil it goes down ang stock market!! Matanong ko lang ano kayang stock ang binili niya at para atang hinde na apektuhan ang kanyang stocks investment sa daming stocks na nag-plummet last year para naman makabili tayo kahit konti lang ma ambunan nang kahit thousand lang pera natin hehe.

JANZ said...

manang kim, relax.ang puso m..hhehehe