Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ancestral Domain in Mindanao

In today's issue in Mindanao, Christians are fighting for their rights as a citizen of Republic of the Philippines. In the history, our Muslim brothers and sisters were the one who got here first in Mindanao. They once owned this land. They sell their lands to the Christians. Christians settled here, established business and goes on with their lives. At first, Mindanao is very peaceful place where there are many investors who want to invest. But today Christians and Muslims are fighting for this land. The Muslims want there land back. But Christians refused to surrender.
They will replace Mindanao into Bangsamoro Republic which Muslims will dominate the entire land.
In my point of view, Luzon Visayas and Mindanao is one. We are all Filipino and we should share this promise land. Our ancestor shed their blood in fighting for these land. I don't know when, how and where this issue will resolved. Until our government negotiators and Moro Islamic Liberation Front Leaders will seat and talk about this issue peacefully. We have the right to live here. We will fight.

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