Monday, August 18, 2008

The Living Room PC

The ongoing call for a greener living is up and about even in the technology world. And with that in mind, Convergence has a gadget that could tickle your greener lifestyle senses.

Thru an HDMI cable, the TP living room PC can hook up to a variety of Digital Living Network Alliance or DNLA-compatible device, such stereo systems, printers, PDAs and TV monitors. This cylinder-shaped PC comes complete with a sleek wireless keyboard and a remote control. Hook it up to your HDTV and you can watch 500GB of high definition movies, TV programs, and pictures… Be it a downloaded content from the internet or a High Definition format disc. Yup, it does have a blue-ray disc combo drive!

And since it is a PC, gamers can also enjoy their favorite PC game more comfortably in their living room… on a bigger screen… and in Full HD. It can also browse the internet via wifi, and practically do anything a desktop PC can.

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