Saturday, August 30, 2008

Michael Jackson On Raising His Kids and Turning 50

King of Pop Michael Jackson turns 50 today -- but has no plans of slowing down, he told ABC's "Good Morning America" in a phone interview.

"I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things," Jackson said.

The pop icon, who has recently stayed out of the spotlight, says he now focuses his life on his children.

"I get pretty emotional when I see them having a wonderful time," he added, "when they are on a ride and they are screaming and they are happy."

To sum up his life today, Jackson said:

"I am writing all the time. I love composing and the whole thing. But I am also raising my children and enjoying it and teaching them how to ride bicycles and how to read. I love it."

Jackson revealed plans to release new music and go on tour in the future, although no dates are set.

The 50-year-old worldwide superstar tells GMA that contemporary R&B singer Chris Brown reminds him most of himself, but he also says he can still do his famous dance moves and "more."

You can check out more on Jackson's GMA interview Aug. 29 at 7:00 a.m

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