Monday, August 18, 2008

Humanoid robots invade

E.M.A, is short for Eternal, Maiden and Actualization.

EMA was created to break the stereotype image especially in movies: aggressive, tough and war freaks. So Sega, a Japanese toy maker decided to build a robot that’s sweet and interactive.

EMA is 38 centimeters tall, has infrared sensors and runs on battery power and she has more than sixty moves up her sleeves including giving kisses to passers by especially when she is in her “LOVE MODE”.

Though she may not a human female, she can strut like a lady, moving her hips and blowing kisses to her enthusiastic and fans.

September of this year, Japanese stores will market this robot for around 175 US dollars and Sega is hoping to sell around 10,000 EMAs within a year.

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