Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Papers: Jackson Browne Sues John McCain

ET has the papers filed by Jackson Browne against John McCain to protest the Republican presidential candidate's use of his song in a campaign ad.

In a suit filed on August 14, Browne alleges that McCain illegally used his epic hit, 'Running on Empty,' in an ad criticizing Democratic nominee Barack Obama. He's not only protesting not authorizing or licensing use of the song by McCain under copyright laws, he also is suing for false association or endorsement, because he claims the use of his song confuses the public into thinking Browne endorses or sponsors McCain.

Lawyers for Browne note in the papers that Browne is known as "an advocate for social and environmental justice," and go on to write, "Throughout Browne's career, he has closely associated himself with liberal causes and Democratic candidates."

In the papers Browne alleges that McCain's use of his song suggests that "Browne sponsors and endorses McCain; a false association that directly conflicts with the political and social values that Browne has espoused and supported throughout his career."

According to the papers, Browne isn't the only musical act that has asked the Republican nominee to stop using its songs -- ABBA and John Mellencamp asked McCain to stop using their music at his events, while Warner Music Group asked McCain to cease and desist using a Frankie Valli song in an ad.

Browne asks for a jury trial in the papers, and is asking for damages to be determined at trial.

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