Monday, August 18, 2008

I bought new shoes

I'm obsessed with shoes. Yesterday, its market day I grab the opportunity to go to ukay-ukay to purchase a pair of shoe. The brand is lacoste. One of the leading brand in clothing and apparels. I told the vendor that "please ma'am reserved this one for me. The shoes original price is P650.00. I said to the vendor "please give me discount, she said it's P500.00 take it or leave it". I said "I will take these shoes", this is one of my favorite shoes. I like the color white, white means purity and neat.
I look for the current price of that shoes and found out that it is cost more than P3,000.00. Although It is China made but for sometime I wear signature brand of shoes. The difference is the quality, when it is made in US its quality is good unlike the one made in China.

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bebepink said...

I don't think that's necessarily true. You might be surprised that most of our goods here are made in China. All the name brands you could ever think of, they're made in China. Some are made in the Philippines. Like I have bought Nike shoes made in the Philippines, and Ralp Lauren coats that are made in the Philippines. It's the same quality, the only thing labor costs outside the US are cheap especially in poor countries like our country.