Saturday, August 9, 2008

Battered Woman

Yesterday there's a woman who came to me and ask permission to seat on the bench. I said yes you may. I looked at her face I saw cuts and bruises same with her arms. She also has swollen jaw. I didn't ask questions about her appearance. Before Mom leave the house she approached the woman. I listened to her while Mom asking questions. According to her she was beaten by her live in partner. He was jealous because last night she attended a party which her friend invited her. She came late and all of a sudden He grabbed her hair and hit to the wall. He was punching her like a punch bag and kicked her. She ran as fast as she could and report to the Police Station. She was waiting for the doctor to come in Health Center to get medical record so that she can file a case against her partner. Her partner violated R.A. 9272 Rights against Women and Children. She is determined this time to put her partner behind bars.

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