Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Brother Sydney

When I was in high school, I have passion in writing poems. In fact, I have collections. All of them are my original composition. Last Night, I was inspired to write a poem. This poem is dedicated to my brother Sydney.

My Sydney

When I was in my Mom's womb
He was excited to see me
He would touch passionately Mom's big tummy
To talk to the little baby

When I was Infant
He held me in his arms
He was my baby sitter
That memories we had still linger

Whatever I've done wrong
He understands me and he's patience was long
Whenever I needed Him
His shoulder is ready to cry on

He is one of my precious pearls
That I cannot compare with anyone else
Thank you for loving me as your sister
No matter, what you will always be my brother dear


Arhyl said...

Ne look handsome ur bro a!model ba siya?!hehehe nice poem ,it moved me!!!!hehehe

Arhyl said...

He understands me and HIS patience was long