Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway Philippines

The Project Runway invades the Philippines. It is originated from America which Heidi Klum who is one of the Hottest model in Fashion industry is the hostess. As I watched the show, the aspirant designers presented their masterpiece to the judges and when the jurors like their job, they are "in" for the next round. Heidi's partner in the show is Tim Gunn. He has a show in ETC entitled "Tim Gunns style". Which I love to watched, He transformed women not just their physical appearance but their inner self.
Heidi is famous in her line " today your In the next day your out".
Here in the Philippines, we have great designers. These show is their stepping stone that people will know their ability in designing clothes. All the judges are well known to the fashion industry. good luck Guys!

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