Tuesday, August 5, 2008

El Cuerpo Del Deseo (Body of Desire) Finale

Every afternoon I watch El Cuerpo Del Deseo.I like the flow of the story . The story goes these way. Pedro Jose Doloso was rich, kind and generous person. By being kind, he adapt Andres Corona who he think that he's trustworthy. He got married to Isabel Arroyo wherein Isabel and Andres had an affair. They planned to poison Don Jose and they were successful. When he died his spirit went to Salvador Cerizza who is a farmer and leave thousand miles from him. Salvador also died because he was hit by the storm. After a while, Salvador wake up from the coffin. The farmer before who doesn't know how to read turns into smart and intelligent person. He went to Jose Doloso's house and applied as a driver. He studied every persons move living in Don Jose's house. He was successful that the people living in that house love him even Isabel Arroyo.
Isabel and Andres got married but Isabel had fallen in love with Salvador she will do everything to make him happy even to kill Andres. "I will poison Him, Just like what I did to Pedro" I quote it.She filed for a divorce but Andres love her so much and he refused. He said "I will kill you and your partner, no one will take you away from me". Salvador and Isabel secretly met. Salvador's mission was to help Angela, Jose Doloso's daughter in her shares in the company that her father left her. Catalicia Salvadors wife who he left in Las Cruces decided to find him. She find Him in the City but Salvador refused to come with her in the farm. They both had a son named Muncho. She only prayed for the return of Salvador's memory.
I have one reflection on this, is it true that there is life after death?

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