Monday, August 4, 2008

My pet alex accidentally bite Aunt Lida

While I'm busy entertaining my costumers. Alex was outside our store sleeping. I was calling her to get inside but she is hesitant. Aunt Lida was approaching to our store to have conversation with me about the tree that she wants to cut. As she sit on the bench, she noticed Alex and she fled her away. Before Alex leave she bite her hand. Maybe Alex was frightened and shock by Aunt Lida's gestures. Immediately I run outside and hugged Alex. I know Alex didn't do that on purpose.
I told Aunt Lida to do first aid. She should wash her hand thoroughly with soap put alcohol and beta dine. And if she have time, go to the Health Center to consult the doctor.
Luckily, the doctor advised her that she should take some rest and she will be fine. Alex is under observation for two weeks.

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