Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nick Hogan

I was watching the reality show in reality TV, it opens my eyes into reality that celebrities are like ordinary people. They are just popular. Linda and Hulk had two children namely Brooke and Nick. They are typical Family. Hulk and Linda taught their children to be responsible on how to value money.
Brooke got a talent in singing that's why Hulk never leave her daughter in recording her music. He is known as stage dad. There was a time that He and the producer of Brooke had a little understanding because Hulk is very protective with her daughter. On the other hand, Nick is good in car racing and drifting. Recently, he was involved in accident where his friend died because of head injury. He is now in jail paying for the damaged he had caused.
That's life, parents provide everything to make us happy but we are curios to experiment things. At the end, our parents will be the one to answer all our faults.

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