Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guy Ritchie's Birthday Nothing Like Madonna's

Fresh off the rockin' 50th birthday bash he threw for his superstar wife Madonna, Guy Ritchie says he has made no plans for his own birthday on Wednesday!

"I've thought less about my 40th birthday than almost any other birthday," Ritchie tells the Associated Press. "I'm not sure if that's kind of an unconscious thing. But I have no plans. So I hope someone's organizing something for me."

Guy also said he paid for Madonna's lavish soirée, and that any bash of his wouldn't be as grand unless "someone's prepared to pay the same amount" for his. Could Guy be hinting something to Mrs. Ritchie?

The British film director went on to say he wants lots of "accolade and money" for his big day, says the AP.

Guy is in Toronto promoting his new film 'RocknRolla,' while his wife Madonna has been on her "Sticky & Sweet Tour."

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