Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a Miracle

Let me share to you my experience during my trip in Cagayan. On Sunday afternoon afterBishop Santo and his co presider's celebrated the Holy Eucharist. Sister Kits Adaza , President of Mindanao Divine Mercy Apostolate giving us the announcement that the Lady of Prancia is not coming because of heavy rain fall. In the middle of her speech, the sun appear with it's rays was centered to us.
People who gathered there were clapping and shouting. When I turned my head in my right side, I witness the dancing sun, and I saw Jesus Christ sitting in the clouds. I saw God the father holding his cane. They were some claiming that they saw a vision of Mama Mary and there are angels.It's my first time to witness these kind of event, It really amaze me. I cannot forget this experience as long as I live.
Sad part, I lost my camera, I cannot present a proof to you Guys!
I promise to return to Divine Mercy Shrine and share my beautiful experience to the sacred place.