Thursday, September 4, 2008

J. Lo's Twin Talk!

Now that superwoman Jennifer Lopez has added mother of twins to her roster of achievements, the multi-talented star gets personal as she opens up about her baby boy and girl -- and that long-awaited moment where she found out she was expecting.
Jennifer reveals In the October issue of Elle magazine how she found out she was pregnant -- after years of her and hubby Marc Anthony giving it the old college try.
"I was sitting down doing hair and makeup," she says. "And I felt a flutter -- the weirdest little flourish. My makeup artist said, 'What's the matter?' I didn't say anything but in my head I was like, 'I have life inside me!'"
As soon as she got home she took a whopping 20 pregnancy tests -- including one for Marc to take. "I needed to see what a negative looked like," she says.
The new issue of Elle is on stands September 10.

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