Thursday, September 11, 2008

Liv Tyler Speaks Out on Heartbreak

In a very revealing new interview, Liv Tyler is speaking out on the heartbreak of her split with her husband of five years.

"For the first time in my life, it's so much harder for me to get up and brush [off] my knees," she tells U.K.'s Harper's Bazaar in its October issue. "I am feeling the pain and the loss of everything."

She and her ex, British musician Royston Langdon, split last spring.

"I don't feel calm and collected. I feel neurotic, like Woody Allen," she says. "I'm a Cancer and sometimes I just feel like a crab without a shell."

"I am trying to just let myself feel it," she says. "I think you have to mourn and you have to feel that pain."

Still, she's looking at the future with optimism. "I'm trying to just take one day at a time and be the best mom I can," she says. "But it is a strange time, like walking down the road with nowhere to go ... We'll see where it takes me."

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