Monday, September 8, 2008

Michelle and Cindy to Hit the 'Runway'?

Will Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain be hitting the 'Runway' this fall? If 'Project Runway''s no-nonsense judge Nina Garcia had her way they sure would! Garcia dished to People magazine at the New York City launch party of Bravo's new show 'The Rachel Zoe Project' about her desire to get the women on the hit Bravo show and also gives her two cents on the ladies' fashion sense.

Will the two first lady hopefuls be strutting their stuff on the catwalk? Not yet! But, Garcia would love to have the two stylish ladies on the hit Bravo show as guest judges. Garcia told People that if Cindy and Michelle were on the show, "it would be amazing." She added, "We did the Olympics, why not the election?"

But, Cindy and Michelle aren't the only candidates under Garcia's critical eye. The Elle style maven thinks that Republican Vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, has "a lot of promise." Although she adds, "First, we have to lose those glasses -- Lasiks or contacts. ... But, she's attractive. She seems to feminine ... and she seems to be curvaceous."

Keep watching as the campaign unfolds to see who gets your vote for Most Stylish Candidate of '08!

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