Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin reacts to Tina Fey Impersonation

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin shows she can laugh at herself! Palin's people say the Governor was amused by Tina Fey's impersonation of her on "Saturday Night Live."

"She thought it was quite funny, particularly because she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween," her spokesperson Tracey Schmitt said, according to CBS News.

"Saturday Night Live" premiered its new season Saturday with the show's highest ratings for a season-opener in seven years.

Fey's knee-slapping, dead-on cameo as the VP nominee certainly helped the ratings.

The sketch also featured Fey's former "Weekend Update" co-host Amy Poehler playing Hillary Clinton.

A memorable moment in the sketch occurs when Poehler, as Clinton, said she disagreed with the Bush Doctrine. Fey, as Palin, admitted, "I don't know what that means"- this being a reference to Palin's apparent confusion on the subject in her first major interview earlier this week on ABC.

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