Sunday, August 3, 2008


Statistics show that there is an increase of women who are having abortion every year. Killing innocent babies. Why women are doing this? Does this women have any conscience? Please wake up ,the baby inside your womb has nothing to do with your misery. They are blessings from God. When I was in college a friend of mine came to me and seek for an advice. She is two months pregnant. She told me that she is not ready to bare a child. Her parents will kill her if they will found out. I told her your parents love you so much and they will understand you. If you go for abortion forget our friendship. We never see each other after a long time. Yesterday she visited me and I saw her and her baby. She told me that You are right this child is precious to us. He makes us happy.

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Anonymous said...

My neighbor came over to my house and yelled at me over my dog!

I have a dog that I can't keep in my yard. I have tried everything and she always finds a way out. Anyway, this lady comes to my home, knocks on my door and when i open the door she points her finger at me and yells obscenities at me. Apparently my dog was in HER neighbors garbage and then pooped on HER NEIGHBORS LAWN! Why didn't she come and talk to me like a civil human being? Why was she a vicious monster attacking me at my door? I calmly went over to HER NEIGHBORS house where the garbage was and picked up every piece, and the dog poop. I agree that I have that responsibility to clean up after my dog. The one thing I don't agree upon is someone coming to my house and screaming in my face about something I didn't know about. Is anyone out there been blessed with a psyco-neighbor?
I don't think anyone remembers the golden rule...Do unto others as you would want done unto you!
I sent them a lovely card from this site I