Saturday, August 2, 2008

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin is one of the hottest celebrity in todays generation.Angel has lots of asset not just her angelic face but her ability to act.She is really good in acting.Recently she hailed as the second sexiest woman in the Philippines by FHM. She garnered 76,022 votes.As a matter of fact,I watched her in Lobo (wolf) one of ABS-CBN program.She played the role of Lyka.The last guide of all the wolf.She will lead the half man and half wolf to a better world.Wherein man and man wolf will be equal.She will protect them as the last guide.She is one of the main character together with her leading man Piolo Pascual.Who played as her husband.They are childhood friends.That friendship developed into something special.They encountered many difficulties in fighting for their feelings.One of the problem is both family doesn't accept their relationship.But in the end their love prevail with one another.
In the reality Angel is one mean swimming machine. She was one once an NCR record-holder(200M breast stroke in three minutes and six seconds ) was part of the Philippine swimming team.Her father is blind.She is wishing that her dad will be able to see again so that he will know how her daughter is.

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