Sunday, July 20, 2008


Last Friday,My brother started his first day job in city hall.He is assigned in the assessor's office his item is administrative aide.As for me,I'm waking up early in the morning to cook rice and viand so that he will not hungry while he's working.I clean the house.I'm tired after doing all the household chores.But I have to do it because I support my brother.Not financially support but moral support.I'm doing these because I love Him and I'm happy that He has now a job.Whatever happens I'm still his sister.Last Sunday,we watch Rated K hosted by the beautiful,dashing woman Korina Sanchez.There is a two siblings that for thirty years they have been separated by their parents.Loida has a family now.She has two children but still there is something missing in her life which is her brother.One day a package came to her house that it has a old picture she and her brother in their early age.Outside in that package has a address of her brother Rafael.Through the help of the show they reach Zamboanga city where her brother lived.After 30 years of being away.She stood in front of Him crying and they hugged.Me and my brother cannot help to cry.I'm touched with their story.I told my brother I'm just lucky i know my brother and we had never separated.

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