Saturday, July 19, 2008

Valenciana Con Carne

Every time we have occasion.It is a miracle if my uncles will not cook Valenciana con Carne.It is our native delicacy,which illonggo ethnic loves to eat.Their are fond of cooking that kind of dish.There was one time last December that uncle Nono invited us for his christening of his grand child.Me,brother and dad went to New Passi, Tacurong City.It is one barangay in the Tacurong that is progressive because of their vegetables and rice planting.I ask uncle Nono how to cook these dish.It is his specialty.He told me that first you should gather the ingredients.He told me that the ingredients needed in VALENCIANA CON CARNE were:

Sticky rice {pilit},

sliced cube pork,


raisins, onions,

chopped garlic,

bell leaves,

pepper sliced

food coloring


Wash the rice thoroughly.Cook the sticky rice.Just like cooking the ordinary rice. Get the casserole with lid cover.Place it in the stove, when the casserole is hot then put oil and the onion,make sure the onion turns brown,then garlic.Put the sliced pork.Saute'.And when you know that the pork absorb the garlic and onion..Place the rice then mix all of them.Put some water.Wait until the rice is cook.When the rice is cook put the food coloring,margarine.Then remove the sticky and place it in the large plate then put onion leaves,bell pepper and raisins for toppings.You now have Valenciana Con Carne. Bon Appetite!!!

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