Saturday, July 19, 2008

Worh Remembering Views

See the beautiful and green views when you go to Zamboanga City by land.It is my first time to travel for twelve hours.Its my privilege to join and come along with my mom.If I'm not a divine mercy devotee how will I reach this place.And appreciate it.It is more than 10 ten falls along the way.You will be amazed by god's creation.I cannot take off my eyes from the view that we were passing through.The houses were built in nipa and kalakat wherein our Muslim brothers and sisters were living along the road.We pass through Lanao where there is a tunnel.Some says that tunnel was prone in crime such as robbery and hold-up.Wherein bandits pull over the vehicle and robbed it.They don't care or select the people that will pass through that tunnel.But luckily it never happen to us because Divine Mercy is with us.Thank you Divine mercy for the opportunity.

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