Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three person in one God

Last Sunday,the gospel was about the Holy trinity.It is hard to understand this gospel.As Father Charlie started his homily I'm confuse.As i listen to the Homily it is hard for me to understand.But in my high school and college I have my religion.That gospel refresh my memory.God the Father created things around us.He created Adam and when he saw that Adam was lonely He sent Eve.He ask the two of them that don't you two ever that beautiful tree which has a beautiful fruit.Out of their curiosity,they ate it.They disobey Him.He throw them outside his paradise.After which,Adam and Eve multiply.The sins of the people can no longer resist.God the Father sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.Through Mama Mary who conceived Jesus without original sin.But Jesus sacrifice his Life for us because of our sins.As Jesus ascend into Heaven.The Holy Spirit is the one who is taking charge with us.The Father is connected with his son Jesus and Jesus to the Holy Spirit.

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