Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MY College Alma mater (NDMU)

I went to Notre Dame of Marbel University.And in God's mercy I finished my bachelor's degree.I have sad and funny memories in my college days.There was a time in my first year.I received a failing grade in my major subject which is accounting 111.I felt disappointed.It's a difficult subject and same through with the teacher.Ma'am Ferrer I find her difficult to understand especially for me that is slow learner.I feel that I'm all alone, have no friends and the ambiance is different from the high school years.It has been a year before I adjust.In the second semester I still got a failing grade in the mathematics 102. Again,I disappointed my mom who is paying for my tuition.But I told to myself and put it in my head that these money that my mom is paying for is not a joke.It's her sweat and hard work.I took summer class in order to make me a regular student.As time passes by my grades went well.I didn't receive failing grades.But seventy five percent 75% still a passing grade..hehehehe!!

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