Monday, July 21, 2008

Life is worth Living (My original poem Composition)

I never thought that I'll experience to love

I'm down on my knees and pray to the Lord above

We promised to love one another

And never hurt our feelings with each other

We enjoyed each other company

That cannot brought by money

We shared our secrets

Even a lie detector cannot detects

We'd kept our relationships

So that our family wouldn't know how our love so deep

How can be so wrong?When it feels right.

Time passes by,we change a lot

We made joke to tie the knot

The distance between the two of us

Our relationship lost track

We argued in so many ways

That we'd no longer air to breathed

I decided to end our relationship

Without knowing the consequences

Hours,Days,Months had passed

I face the world with pain in my heart

Hard to move on and forget everything what we've been through

When I see your face everywhere i go

I thanked God for that painful experience

I've learned to use my sense

I thanked my family and friends

Whose been there for me

I just bear on my mind to be just true to myself

No more pretending and self-centered

I know now how to appreciate those people around me

Rest assured that they are treasured no matter will be...

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