Saturday, July 19, 2008


My dad introduced me to play chess.It is a mind game.You should know your next move,tactics or strategy.When I was young my dad and I used to play chess.I cannot beat Him.He is good in playing chess.In fact,He traveled many places and play chess whether he will win or lose.But because of this game Dad got sick.He hallucinate by playing chess.And when he will lose he will bear it in his mind and never get sleep.And think and think the game where and how did he made a wrong move.I remember Dad told me a story.When he was still working in the bank,he went out and never got back to work just to play chess and he won P2 (two pesos).How ironic my dad is he preferred to play chess and won that amount for his job.Well,I cant blamed Dad that his passion.That's why we support him whenever he plays chess.But if he didn't mind his work especially his household concerns that Mom told him to do.Expect Mom will raise her voice to Him.Up to now his playing chess.My uncle Amer dad's first cousin who has only one (1)foot.When my mom left in the farm uncle Amer sneak into our ancestral house and they played for past time.Anyway,when I was in my elementary I volunteer myself to try out my best in the varsity of playing chess.I was the last person that got in into the team of four.There are four of us.Two girls and two boys.I was board two.In other words,reserved player.But it is fine with me.At least I tried.The meet will held in Isulan.every night Dad and I practiced even though I'm reserved dad told me that don't lose hope.We stayed three days in Isulan but luckily i didn't got a chance to play.I'm just a mere observer or audience or bystander.I felt I just waste my time and effort there.Usual,charge to experience.When i reach my high school years.My first year,I was not involved in any activities in the school.Maybe my experience in elementary traumatized me.When i reach my second year,I tried my luck in try outing my talent in chess.Luckily,Sir Azur Oducayen pick me as board 1 in the Tandaa meet to come.Sir Azur was so good in so many ways he's so very supportive and he's a good teacher and coach too.Until I graduated from high school I never give my school an honor.I realize I'm not that good in playing chess.I cant beat those girls.They are really I wish I can turn back the hands

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