Friday, July 25, 2008

First Friday

I went to Church to hear mass and have my confession. It was a rainy day I decided to wear my sweat shirt. As I enter the church, the mass has not yet started. Our Divine Mercy coordinator Ate Alice Garcia was giving us a briefing on what had happen in the 1st Divine Mercy Congress in Rome. I feel amazed when I heard her experiences and she told us that the next congress will be in Poland where it is the homeland of Pope John Paul II who canonized St. Faustina Kowalska the founder of the Divine Mercy. I said to myself from four years time, I have a stable job I will let my parents to go on a pilgrimage. I want them to enjoy and feel God's blessings I have so many plans for them. As I gazed at the back, I saw my two aunts. Nanay Baby Carbonilla and Nanay Cana Delgado they are my Moms sisters. I went to their bench and seat beside them. I kiss them as a sign of respect. I did the same way to other elders. After the mass, we prayed the Holy Hour while waiting for my turn to confess. I'm the last confessor of Fr.Charlie Celeste, DCC. I told him my sins and ask for an advise that I got jealous with Sam because he is practicing his caregiver abroad. He volunteered in Health Center just to have experience. Fr.Charlie advised me that it is normal for a person to feel jealousy. It's good that you admit rather than denying it. You have to keep on praying to God and he will give you what you are asking for. God will answer it if you have faith in Him Trust him with all your heart he added. As I listen to Fr.Charlie's advised, I cannot help to fall my tear. Indeed he is right I am nothing without God in my side.

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