Saturday, July 26, 2008

Psycho mother

I was watching the news in my television and one news that catches my attention. That makes me hurt and mad. I cannot believe that a mother of three will stabbed her children. Popoy who is seven years old, his sister Nene five years old, and his younger brother Totoy one year old. According to the report their father left the house to find money. While the mother stayed in the house and took care of the children. Suddenly, the mother's eyesight turns into black. She lose control over herself. She thought that her children were monsters. She get the knife in the kitchen and proceed to the receiving area where her children are playing. And immediately she lift her hand with a knife and stabbed her children. She enjoyed stabbing them. Popoy got eight, Nene got nine , and Totoy got five stabs. When their neighbor happened to pass by in their house. She immediately rescued the children. She grabbed the children and shout for help. She run as fast as she could to get to the nearest hospital. Luckily, the three children were out of danger. Until now the three children are recovering from the wounds they got and traumatic experience. The reporter ask why did she commit this crime? Her defensive answer was I did these because of poverty. According to her husband his wife is suffering from psychological disorder. The children are now afraid to see their mother. The first thing that comes into their head were their mother is a murderer and she will hurt them again. The three children are now in the care of BANTAY BATA FOUNDATION, INC. They are the one helping the children to recover from the tragedy they went through and forget the painful experience in the hands of their psycho mother.

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