Sunday, July 20, 2008

TJ my new pet

When my Uncle Esing got sick.I prefer to call him Daddy Esing.His my mother's older brother.He dearly love his dog.His pet name is TJ.The doctor advice him to give the dog to someone else because one cause of his cough and hard to breath is the dogs hair.Daddy Esing love this dog so much even though it is hard for him to give his favorite dog.He obliged what did the doctor advised him to do.He thinks of the expensive bills that the hospital gave him.He is in and out of the hospital recently.What I like about Him is He give up his vices such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.My cousin Lynette who is his oldest of his children is the bread winner of the Family.If I have job I will extend my help financially but because I still rely on my mother's salary I have nothing to give except my prayer that God will hear my prayer and grant my prayer and he will healed.It is the most powerful weapon to heal a person who is sick.Daddy Esing decided to get rid of Tj.We wish and prayed hard for a long time that we will own a dog.That has breed.As my mom went to there place Daddy Eseng gave the dog to my mom.When my cousin jin-jin and my nephew B1 came into our house one afternoon.I'm shocked to see the dog.Of course,it's the first time of the dog in our house so we tied him in the cage.He is so friendly.I though He is not nice.For three consecutive days He is barking and adjusting to his new home.Ate jin-jin advised me to feed him anything except for the dried fish.It will fall his hair out.That afternoon,I ask my mother to give me money to buy powdered milk because B1 told me that if you don't have food to give him it is OK to give him milk and rice.But time went on.We became close.I find him sweet and very loyal to me.Because wherever I go and whatever I do his always at my back.Even I go bathroom and took a bath he's waiting for me.I know what his likes and I'm happy when i make fun of him.I feel that Tj is now a member in our family.Thank you Tj for coming into our lives.

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