Monday, July 28, 2008

Marissa Ello

I have known Inday Marissa for years. We were childhood friends. Before they lived in Barangay Kalandagan, Tacurong City then they transferred to Barangay San Pablo, Tacurong City. A farm who owned by my Aunt Lida.
They are the caretaker of that farm. Inday has two brothers and one sister namely Agong, Agnes and Dodong. Agong is her older brother.

Her brother Agong is working in his aunt in the market, as a labor and trustee of the store.
Her father took care of the farm while her mother is a plain housewife. After she graduated from High School she didn't got a chance to go to college. I think the main reason is financial. She doesn't have any choice but to enter as a housemaid in her aunt's house. Her uncle Mario her mothers brother is a wealthy and good businessman. They have cars and other properties.For me, I think they have everything that a man could ask for. Her task is to wake up early in the morning to clean the entire house. I remember when Mae my best friend and our friends will gather in their house, Inday will be the one to prepared our meals and clean our mess. My friends and I separated after our graduation in High school because we enrolled in different schools, places and courses. Some of us are now degree holders, some are still studying. Almost everyday I saw and chat with her. I once told her in our conversation that she should ask permission from her aunt to enrolled in college and earn something that cannot be stolen by any one its the EDUCATION.
and her family can do but to hold on to God. Last year 2007, Inday enrolled in St.Francis Institute here in Tacurong City. She took Computer Programing course to my surprise it is just one semester left she stopped from going to school because her aunt ask her to. She is now assigned in one of her aunt's business which is Internet cafe. Life is so cruel to Inday just this march her father died. She experienced let go the one she love even though it hurts. She accepted her fate I gave my sympathy to Inday and her family. She went on with her life serving other people and sometimes she forget her own happiness. Inday told me that she has many plans for her life and her family. I really like Inday's attitude her patience is long and she is not that type of person that gives up suddenly. Inday this is what I have to say from the bottom of my heart don't lose your dreams and your faith to God, He will give you what you are asking for in His time.God Bless you.

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