Friday, July 18, 2008

Mom has Urinary Tract Infection

My poor mother the result of the test that conducted by the doctor to her is that,she has Urinary Tract Infection(UTI).One factor, I observe that in a day she urinates 10 times.Just small amount of fluids.The doctor recommend that for one month she will take sambong leaf capsule.And donot work too much.My mother is workaholic.For her,it's a waste of time if we relax.But now Mom realize that she should take care of her body.Dad visited her and while waiting for the bill of the hospital to compute.They eat together in food eatery or carenderia.When Mom went back to the hospital,she proceed to Billing Station and for two days for being hospitalized she paid One thousand and two hundred pesos (P1,200.00).Her insurance such as senior citezen and philhealth made a big discount.Mom again is in the farm.she said in one of our dialogue yesterday.She cannot relax when she is at home.

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