Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fr.Charlie did it again!

Fr.Charlie's homily last night as me and my mom went to mass last night.As iam listening to the gospel its about Jesus told his disciples in john 24-36 "LOVE one another ad i have loved you".It strike my heart just like cupid.Love it is easy word to say but it is hard to show.Love your enemies,those who have hurt you,those spit in your face,those who back fight you.It is hard to do that but because of Love we should as a catholics.I remember when i was in elementary,i have a crush for three years.This girl just transferred from private school.I'm enrolled in my elementary years in public school.Because I was so ashamed (torpe) I never have a chance to talk to her.Every time I pass in her classroom,I just stare at her and do nothing.She brightens my day.I'm inspired to go to school if she'd around.I just fantasizing her in my dreams.Her second degree cousin was my classmate and my friend.She the one telling my crush that I said Hi!Hello!Regards!.I don't have the guts to do it.When i don't see her for a day.Im lonely.When our path cross it makes me tremble.That's the first time i feel puppy love or infatuated to someone.After our graduation in elementary.We separated ways,she enrolled in Davao City.That's what I heard from her cousin.I just laugh when I remember that.They said Love hurts.Its true.Before you appreciate love.You must be hurt first.That's how ironic love is.

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