Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rice Crisis

Citizens of the Philippines are now suffering from the high cost of rice. Over the years, we claimed as the number one exporter of rice. But now we are the number one importer of rice. We are the ones who introduced to Vietnam, Thailand and some neighboring countries on how to plant rice. The basic food that of every family. Rice is rich in carbohydrates which our body needs. Even in our Hometown who is known as rice producing place we are not exempted from this crisis. My fellow Tacurongnons suffered from rain or shine and fall in line in the only National Food Authority outlet in the market. National Food Authority is a government agency whose duty is to provide food for every Filipino. They help financial subsidy such as selling the affordable prices of rice. NFA sell their rice of P18.25 per kilo and American rice which is worth P25 per kilo. I have heard many complains from the buyers of NFA rice when its cooked its smelly and lapsed. The technique of the delicious rice is to wash thoroughly one buyer added his story to me.

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