Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Dad turns 52

Yesterday my Dad celebrate his birthday. Before that special day we made preparations to make these event a successful one. Last May 1, Mom and Dad went to Koronadal City to talk to my aunts and uncles who were residing in there about the problem that we encountered in the farm. That conversation they had I thought could settle the conflict between the family. But I was wrong My uncle who is the older brother of my father is the one making things so complicated. My dad love to stay in our farm. He said he has many accomplishments when takes control there. He is pet lover.His pet includes chicken, duck, dog, cat and swine. He enjoyed raising them and living in the farm. His brother wants him to leave the farm so that He will be the one to take over the farm. That farm is ancestral, which my father and his seven siblings inherit from their parents and the old house still standing which we called ancestral house. My dad is soft hearted person He cannot voice out his feelings. He will keep his mouth shut. As you can see my dad is silent person. His brother is working in the government while my dad is just a simple man who cant stand on his own without my Mom. Just this time, he is proving that he is worthy in his own way to help us. Mom open up to my aunts about the situation but the sad part is they don't consider that my dad needs more attention that his brother. It's unfair that after all this time what is due to my dad is still for his brother.It really hurts me.It breaks my heart.I pray to God that everything will be fine..I'm sorry for what I've said.Just expressing what is in my heart.

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