Friday, July 18, 2008

My sweetest pet Alexandra

Alexandra is fun and loving dog. My cousin Lyhra give it to me last March first I was hesitant to touch her.When we headed home,i carry her in my lap.We were in the van my cousin Liezl,cousin Lyhra,and her beautiful daughter Keisha. I noticed that Alex is a shy dog.When we reach Tacurong. Even if im tired.I fed Alex and let her drink water.As days goes on,Alex seems to be a cute and a loving dog.I show her and i let her feel my affection.Every morning she goes to my bed and wake me up!i really love her.Now she has 3 little puppies.I name them Piolo,Sam and Lolit.The controversial showbiz personalities.They are fighting who is telling the truth.Lolit accused Sam and Piolo that she saw them in the hotel.They are so sweet together.And the allegation of Lolit denies the two.Back to my Alex,the problem that I'm facing now with her is that she don't want to breastfeed her puppies.And i cant bear to see it so, I make milk and put it in the bottle and feed them.I really love my Alex.We consider her as a part of our Family and for me i consider her as my Little sister.She means everything to me.I thank God for giving me Alex.She inspires me.

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